Smart Glass FAQ's


Where Can I Purchase the iSwitch Film?
You can purchase our products directly from us by clicking here. We can ship all or our products to locations worldwide.
Can I order a sample of iSwitch Film?
Yes, you can order a user-friendly kit here.
What is the average lead time for production and delivery of iSwitch Film?
Small orders can be manufactured and ready for dispatch within 2-4 business days from payment confirmation. Larger orders may take up to 10 business days.
Where can I find technical information and product specifications for iSwitch Film?
Refer to our Product Specs Guide.
Does iSwitch Film come in standard sizes?
No. All of our products are custom made using special laser equipment to match your unique specifications. During the ordering process you will be required to give us these specifications.
However, maximum width of iSwitch Film is 1500mm.
Is there a warranty for iSwitch Film?
Yes. Our standard warranty period is one (1) year. We do offer extended warranty up to 5 year that can be purchased. For more details please check out our warranty page.

- Technical -

Does your company provide installation service?
No. We are worldwide material distributor and provide complete DIY kits.
How do I install iSwitch Film?
Refer to our Installation Guide
Do you have certified installers in my area?
Any professional glass tinting company should be able to install iSwitch Film. Then certified electrician should be engaged to handle the electrical wiring.

  • * Upon ordering we will provide the sample of the iSwitch Film, so you could install a sample kit first.
  • * Remember iSwitch Film is self-adhesive and requires "dry install"
  • Do not dent, kink or pull the wires out during installation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
What is busbar?
Bus Bars are conductive copper strips that are affixed to the iSwitch Film and to which the electrical wires are soldered. They allow the electricity to activate the liquid crystal molecules within the film.
Can I trim or cut the iSwitch Film on the site?
iSwitch Film is custom manufactured using special laser equipment to insure straight cuts, however you can cut or trim iSwitch Film on the site without compromising its effect.
Can we hook up iSwitch Film to a remote control?
Yes. Your electrician can install a remote control, laser-tripping , dimming, or motion detecting device. iSwitch Film can even be made to change in time to music or voice.
Does iSwitch Film affect transmission of UV light?
Yes. In its Off (opaque) state, iSwitch Film blocks 98%+ of harmful UV rays.
Is iSwitch Film completely clear when turned ON?
Visual Light Transmission is approximately 95% when viewed straight on. Depending upon lighting conditions in its installed environment, you can expect to see a 5%-10% ‘scattered light reflection’ or ‘haze’ while in its transparent state.
How do I clean iSwitch Film?
iSwitch Film should be cleaned with a soft cloth and gentle cleanser. Avoid harsh chemicals and the use of sharp instruments. Ensure you remove all liquids that may have collected around edges during the cleaning process.
Is iSwitch Film energy efficient?
Yes. It is considered a green product that consumes 5 watts per square meter.
What is the expected life-span of iSwitch Film?
iSwitch Film has very long life - over 8000000 switches
Does iSwitch Film require special maintenance?
As long as proper voltage is maintained and iSwitch Film is switched off for a minimum of 4 hours out of every 24 hours there are no special maintenance required.