• PriWatt™ Film

    • Complete Privacy @ Your Fingertips
    • Transparent When ON, Opaque When OFF
    • UL Recognized, Made in Canada
  • PriWatt GlassTM

    • Instant Privacy Control
    • Blocks 98% of Damaging UV Rays
    • Blocks 95% Infrared Radiation
  • On-Demand Home Privacy

    • Ideal for Residential Applications
    • Active Privacy Control
    • Professional Installation By Our Experts
  • Eco-Friendly Smart Film

    • PriWatt™ Film Saves on energy Consumption
    • Only 3 Watts per m2 per hour
    • Increases window security and safety

Complete Privacy On Demand

PriWatt™ Film allows you to make your windows transparent or opaque (private) with a variety of innovation control options.

Key Features

PriWatt™ Film blocks 98% of harmful UV rays and 95% infrared radiation while providing instant privacy. We offer professional installations by our experts.

We Ship Worldwide

Smart Glass Tech offers convenient, fast and affordable worldwide shipping of our high-quality smart glass products.


Multitude of Control Options

PriWatt™ Film can be controled with a variety of devices and can be easily configured to work with your smart home through the z-wave technology.


simple switch
Control your PriWatt™ Film with a simple light switch


A dimmer allows you to control the opacity of the PriWatt™ Film


The PriWatt™ Film integrates with smartphones for convenient operation


The PriWatt™ Film integrates with a variety of remote controls


With Z-wave compatibility make the PriWatt™ Film a part of your smart home
commercial window tint film commercial window tint film

Applicable On All Types Of Glass!

Residential, Commercial and Industrial glass applications. PriWatt™ Film offers a new, affordable and innovative alternative to conventional glass treatments, while providing unprecedented privacy control.

Easy installation on any glass, simply peel and stick.

Unprecedented UV Protection of - 98% +/-.

Save on heating & cooling costs through Solar reduction.

When turned on PriWatt™ Film has the highest clarity in the industry

PriWatt™ Film Benefits

remote control glass film

Control Your Privacy

PriWatt™ Film can be used on office windows, board room windows or office partitions to create private working and meeting spaces quickly and at a reasonable price.

eco friendly smart film

Save On Energy Costs

PriWatt™ Film delivers an innovative smart glass solution while minimizing energy consumption. With a power consumption of less than 5 Watts per square meter and operating voltage of 48-55V A.C., it is no wonder more home and business owners are choosing PriWatt™ Film.

smart film for healthcare

Ideal for Dental Clinics, Hospitals & Spas

The PriWatt™ Film is a perfect smart glass solution for dentists, doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, spas, and hospitals. Create privacy for clients and patients whenever required, keep harmful UV rays out during delicate procedures, and decrease maintenance to the minimum.


Projection Screen Capabilities

When using PriWatt™ Film in meeting rooms, or offices you can turn a window or a glass wall into a projection screen for impressive presentations or entertainment. In retail locations turn you'r storefront into an innovative advertisement. Appropriate lighting and a high lumen projector are required for optimal results.

Improved Glass Security Smart Film

Increased Security

If you are looking to increase security at your home or at work, PriWatt™ Film adds two additional layers of protection. In the off state (opaque), PriWatt™ Film will make your valuables invisible from the outside, in effect decreasing the potential of break-ins. Even when there is a break-in attempt, PriWatt™ film adds a very tough 0.4mm thick layer of added protection to your glass, which makes it more difficult for the intruder to break in.


PriWatt™ Film Layers

Privacy Film Layers
Protective Film Adhesive Layer ITO Film LC + Polymer ITO Film Protective Film

PriWatt™ Film has six layers including protective layers on each side

  1. Protective Film
  2. Adhesive Layer
  3. ITO (Indium Tim Oxides) Film
  4. LC (Liquid Crystal) & Polymer
  5. ITO Film
  6. Protective Film

PriWatt™ Film Applications

Smart Glass "21 Centry Remote Controlled PriWatt™ Film"