• PriWatt™ Film for Retail

    • Improve privacy, aesthetics and security
    • Apply to existing glass - Just peel & stick
    • 1000 mm / 1200 mm / 1500 mm x 3200 mm
  • PriWatt™ Film in Healthcare

    • Ideal for ER’s, hospitals, and doctors offices
    • From highly transparent clear glass...
    • To complete privacy.... Choose PriWatt™ Film
  • PriWatt™ Film in Schools

    • Modernize classrooms with PriWatt™ Film
    • Increase student & teacher productivity
    • With smart film instant privacy control
  • PriWatt™ Film in Hospitality

    • Reduce glare and energy consumption
    • Provide instant privacy with a flick of a switch
    • Revolutionize your company with PriWatt™ Film
  • iSwitch Film for Residential iSwitch Film for Residential
    iSwitch Film for Residential iSwitch Film for Residential

    PriWatt™ Film for Residential

    • Applicable on Sliding Doors and Windows
    • Professional Installation by Our Experts
    • Connect to Home Automation Systems
  • iSwitch Film for Custom Windows iSwitch Film for Custom Windows
    iSwitch Film for Custom Windows iSwitch Film for Custom Windows

    PriWatt™ Film for Custom Windows

    • No Matter the shape of your windows
    • PriWatt™ Film can be cut to your specifications
    • Simply provide us with blueprints
simply feel iswitch film

Order Self-Adhesive PriWatt™ Film

PriWatt™ Film is designed to be user friendly. It was structured with self adhesive layer on one side (peel & stick) and can be installed on any glass partition or existing window without complicated equipment.


And Stick it to Existing Glass

PriWatt™ Film is a multi-purpose self adhesive smart film which can be used on any glass surface in your office, or in retail, healthcare, hospitality, and educational institutions; simply peel and stick to existing windows or glass.

21 Century Commercial Smart Film

PriWatt™ Film is applicable on all types of commercial and industrial glass making it a popular choice for a multitude of business models. It offers significant improvements to conventional window treatments and other privacy window films.

For Business

PriWatt™ Film redefines privacy and offers a multitude of innovative application options for retailers, offices, in healthcare, education, hospitality and much more.

PriWatt™ Film is the future of smart glass.

For Studios

Say goodbye to traditional window coverings and hello to iSwitch Film! Compatible with Z-wave hub, the iSwitch Film is the perfect solution for window privacy at your finger tips.

For Homes

Our smart film experts are here to help make the buying process as easy and convenient as possible. From fabrication, to professional installations, we are here for you!

Multiple Remote Control Options

World wide shipping and expert installations

Superior UV Protection & Energy Savings

Projection Screen Capabilities

Small Business

from Small Business

Transparent by day, opaque or HD projection screen by night...

Whether you are looking for an affordable privacy solution, to add a layer of security, decrease energy costs, or offer an innovative store display, PriWatt™ Film is the future of smart glass solutions for retailers.

Multinational Brands

to Multinational Brands

Increase security and decrease maintenance... Offer an innovative, clean and aesthetic feel to your business... PriWatt™ Film helps businesses stand out from the crowd and allows your staff to do more.

Office Applications

and Office Applications

Whether you have a boardroom meeting, a private interview or want time to yourself, PriWatt™ Film puts you in control. From partitioning a shared office for increased productivity, to having low profile window treatments... the possibilities are endless.

iSwitch Film for Healthcare

PriWatt™ Film for Healthcare

PriWatt™ Film is a low profile, low maintenance alternative to dusty blinds, shades and curtains. Ideal for operating rooms, lobbies, labs and wherever else privacy is required, PriWatt™ Film provides a sleek and clean look while keeping cleaning to a minimum.

Dental Cares

Dental Offices

Provide patients with instant privacy in dental ordinations and waiting rooms. PriWatt™ Film creates a clean, relaxing environment for staff and patients.


and Clinics...

Whether you are looking for a customizable smart glass solution in the reception area or in the doctors office, PriWatt™ Film is designed to help healthcare professionals create instant and reliable privacy with ease, all at a reasonable cost and professional installation.

Educational Institutions

for Educational Institutions

Help students increase their focus, productivity and grades with the help of PriWatt™ Film. Instantly create a sense of seclusion, and inner peace from external distractions in classrooms, libraries and labs with PriWatt™ Film. Stay innovative, creative and ahead of the learning curve...

Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

Increase security, control sunlight, glare, uv radiation, and brightness with PriWatt™ Film. Minimize damaging sunlight to furniture, and help maintain optimal brightness indoors without negative side-effects to furniture, surroundings and people.

for Architects

and for Architects

PriWatt™ Film removes traditional limitations so architects can let their imagination soar. Say goodbye to building with bulky window treatments in mind, or having to sacrifice modern glass walls because of solar heat gain/loss constraints.

PriWatt™ Film is here to provide control for the interiors without design sacrifice.

Houses & Condos

for Houses & Condos

If you are looking to save on energy consumption, decrease interior damage due to sun exposure, improved security, and a modern, low maintenance window privacy solution, look no further.

PriWatt™ Film is the future of residential window treatments and on-demand privacy control.

Custom Glass Shapes

for Custom Glass Shapes

Regardless of the shape of your glass, PriWatt™ Film can be cut to fit your unique windows and doors.

Our experts will precisely fabricate PriWatt™ Film to accommodate your custom glass needs.

for Curved Glass

and for Curved Glass

PriWatt™ Film is designed with uniqueness and durability in mind. No matter how unique your window may be, PriWatt™ Film provides uniform opacity when installed on curved glass and can be cut to accommodate non-standard glass shapes.


PriWatt™ Film For Marine Applications

To increase privacy when docking a yacht at a marina, or at public beaches and location, many yacht owners are choosing PriWatt™ Film due to ease of installation, prestige quality and functionality as well as complete privacy on demand.

Marine window tint film Marine window tint film
commercial window tint film commercial window tint film

Highest Transparency & Opacity

PriWatt™ Film offers the highest level of clarity when it is in ON (transparent state) and complete opacity when it is switched OFF. No other smart film on the market offers better clarity and opacity than PriWatt™ Film.


Ideal for office meetings in rooms with low privacy

Control sunlight glare in office settings for ideal working conditions

Ideal for dental offices and hospitals where privacy is a necessity

Ideal for Storefront Advertising with rear projection capabilities

Professional installations by our experts

Modern & Innovative

Smart Glass Tech offers a new and innovative alternative to conventional window treatments and privacy window films. From wall switch and remote control, to wifi and z-wave integration, PriWatt™ Film is the future of glass privacy and is available today.

Professional installations by our experts

Protects against damaging UV Rays

Makes your home more economical & energy efficient

Best prices in USA and Canada

residential window tinting fade residential window tinting

PriWatt™ Film Benefits For Commercial Applications

commercial privacy window tinting benefits

PriWatt™ Glass & Film

PriWatt™ Glass and PriWatt™ Film can be used on office windows, board room windows or office partitions to create private working and meeting spaces in an instant.

commercial privacy window film uv protection

Save On Energy Costs

By placing our PriWatt™ Film and PriWatt™ Glass products on external office or retail windows you can quickly control the amount of solar heat that is allowed into the building. This will reduce your A/C usage during summer months and decrease your dependence on central heating during winter months, saving you money on energy bills.

commercial window film dental clinics and hospitals

Ideal for Dental Clinics, Hospitals & Spas

Our PriWatt™ Glass and PriWatt™ Film products are ideal for dental offices, spas, clinics and hospitals creating privacy partitions for clients and patients, as well as keeping harmful sunlight out of patient's eyes during a various procedures.

commercial window film projection screen

Projection Screen Capabilities

When using PriWatt™ Film in meeting rooms you can turn an opaque window into a projection surface. Appropriate lighting in the room and a high lumen projector will be required for optimal results.

commercial window tinting window safety

Increased Security

Make external windows opaque whenever your office or retail space is vacant so that your valuables are not visible inside. PriWatt™ Film also adds a layer on top of your existing glass making it harder to break in case of a burglary.