Shipping & Receiving


  • Domestic customers: Unless a preferred carrier is requested or nominated, SmartGlass Technologies Inc will transport the Switchable Smart Film through a common logistics ground carrier.
  • Overseas customers: It is necessary to specify whether the freight should be shipped via Air or Sea. Where available, it is recommended to have your own agent take care of the shipping and customs clearance issues.
  • Unless otherwise stated, SmartGlass Technologies Inc pricing includes all Packaging, Crating, Freight and Insurance.


  • Before signing for and accepting the shipment from the carrier, inspect the crate(s) for the following items:
    • Inspect tube(s) for damage.
    • Check Tip ‘N Tell indicator where used.
  • If there are any indications of possibledamage, you should immediately, in the presence of the carrier, open the crate(s) and inspect each Smart Film(s) for damage. If you fail to inspect the shipment, neither the carrier nor SmartGlass Technologies Inc will be held responsible for damage that becomes apparent at a later time.
  • If damage to any of the film or films is found, the shipping documents should be so noted and the driver’s signature obtained as a witness. You should inform SmartGlass Technologies Inc immediately of any damaged films. Photographs should be furnished. A freight claim should be filed to the carrier as early as possible.