Industry Leading Warranty

At Smart Glass Tech we offer the highest quality smart film products available and our warranty provides an added layer of security and trust for our customers. Our iSwitch Film products will not only give you the highest level of privacy control, but you can also rest assured that they will continue to do so for many years to come.



Smart Glass Tech warrants iSwitch Glass / Film sold for one (1) year. The warranty takes effect upon delivery of the product.

two year warranty

One-year warranty

The one (1) year warranty provided by Smart Glass Tech includes the following guarantees:

  • normal functioning of Smart Glass technology;
  • consistency in the desired effect in terms of hue, colour and opacity upon electrical activation or deactivation of Smart Glass;
  • the transformer.


Excluded from the warranty provided by Smart Glass Tech are defects, breakage or failure of a product due to:

  • improper or negligent use of the product;
  • an alteration or modification not made by Smart Glass Tech;
  • faulty installation, if the product was not installed by Smart Glass Tech;
  • incomplete installation of the product, if it was not installed by Smart Glass Tech;
  • the installation of the product did not respect the standards, instructions, directives and recommendations of Smart Glass Tech;
  • the use of sealants or chemical components not expressly approved beforehand by Smart Glass Tech during the installation and maintenance of the product;
  • alternation, application, or attachment of unapproved materials and coating;
  • exposure of the system, glass, film or any other component of the sold product to an electrical surge;
  • electrical work, electrical wiring or electrical integration systems that were inadequate and/or not specified or previously approved by Smart Glass Tech;
  • abusive use of the product, an external cause, the act of a third party, a natural catastrophe and, generally, any event of force majeure.
  • Warranty not transferable: The warranty hereunder is provided by Smart Glass Tech exclusively to the Client and cannot be transferred to a subsequent acquirer of the product.


Any communication concerning the warranty provided by Smart Glass Tech must be sent using the contact information indicated above. In order for the warranty to be honoured, the Client must return the product to Smart Glass Tech via prepaid transport.

No warranties will be enforced and no exchanges will be made if iSwitch Film has been cut,  bent,  kinked,  dented,  nicked, scratched, incised, gouged, gashed, scored, if the protective backing has been peeled off, or if the film is in less-than-perfect condition. 

If the failure of or defect in the product is covered by the warranty, Smart Glass Tech may, at its option, repair the product, replace it with a product of the same or higher quality, or reimburse the Client, in each case at no additional cost.

Labour costs associated with the removal, installation or re-installation of the product are not covered by the warranty provided by Smart Glass Tech.

Each product is delivered with an unobtrusive sticker that must be applied to a corner of the pane by the glazier or film installer during installation. If such sticker is not on the pane or film when a request for repair or replacement is made pursuant to the warranty, Smart Glass Tech shall not be obliged to repair or replace the pane or film.

Cancellation Policy

The sold product is custom-made for the Client and the order for the same cannot be cancelled by the Client under any circumstances, nor can the Client be reimbursed for any cancelled order.